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we can see here from sky fox the homes are grouped tightly together. >> that is correct. we are certainly the winds that keep popping up in our area and has contributed to our others to get the fire under control in the first place and we do have all the fires under control and we're conducting overhaul operations to extinguish hidden fires. >> that is good to see everything is under control there and now the cleanup begins. chief, do you have any idea how this started? >> no, no, it's under investigation and we got the fire marshals from prince william county and manasses, working together to start that investigation. >> and we have on our end, you can update the numbers week have three homes burned down. at least seven houses, and around the neighborhood, we can see we're siding on other house that have been damaged. we know we have three houses that have been seriously impacted and at least four
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others that have sustained moderate damage as well. and my last question, that looks like a new housing development, were there sprinklers in place in this home? >> reporter: as far as i know, the houses don't have sprinkler systems in them. >> all right, chief haddencope with the monasses fire and rescue department, a busy scene at the thunder lake development of a of 234 and liberia avenue. again, the chief tells us that three homes, it looks like, perhaps burned to the ground. as many as seven-plus impacted by the blaze and we're going to keep sky fox in the air and have ground crews on the way. as soon as we get more details on that, we'll pass them along. >> all right, thank you. we're following a developing story out of the district tonight. d.c. police arrested a teenager for the murder of a catholic university student gunned down. >> neal was on the way home from work when he was killed and the motive has never been clear. fox 5s paul wagner joins us now
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from sherman circle where the mayor and police chief are expected to be tonight. paul. >> reporter: it's clear now, according to a document that was filed in the case and describing a truly vicious crime. according to police, 17-year- old eric foreman used a .380- handgun to attack neil gillespie as he was riding his bicycle that night and police say this 17-year-old opened fire on gillespie and hit him once and after he fell to the ground, the teenager walked up to him and shot him two more times and that is according to the evidence filed in court today and in a few minutes from now, the mayor and police chief are coming here and announcing his arrest. >> reporter: he left an impression on the people in the short time in the district. of the many friends here, some left mementos at a makeshift memorial that still stands in the circle, reminding residents
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of the senseless death. the chief said that the death of the man infuriated many living here. >> this neighborhood suffered over this particular homicide and many of us have really been almost distraught at times over this shooting happening here in front of our homes. >> reporter: neil was a waiter at philip's seafood restaurant the last serve years. in hopes of burning -- average a degree in biology. at a candlelight vigile, not long after his death, the friends remembered neil findly. >> he was the kind of guy that wouldn't have trouble with anybody. he would have given it to him. >> this is so hurtful. i feel i have lost a really, really, really good friend. >> reporter: his parents still live in norwalk, connecticut, and that is where he's buryd. >>.
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when you lose a member of the community and family, the grieving sets in and that is replaced by anger in some way and dismay. you don't know why. >> reporter: neil was 31 years old. here's other troubling news that we saw earlier tonight. eric foreman was 16 years old when police said he carried out the crime and recently turned 17. police are calling this gang- related and they're saying that the gun used to kill neil gillespie was used earlier in the evening and that it was shared. the name of the gang is not listed in the court documents. back to you. and what do you know -- what more do you know about the relationship between deviseespy and foreman? >> none and that appears to be an attempted robbery that devisees -- gillespie was riding home on the bicycle. he came up through kansas
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avenue and upon foreman who was armed with a .380 and is that what the court document said. >> and they announcing one arrest? >> at this point if we -- that we know of and the police chief and mayor are walking behind me. >> all right, we'll let you -- the press conference and if there is anything to report after that, paul wagner, we'll check back in with you. thank you. another big story we're following at 5. no decision in today's high-stakes meeting. vincent gray and michelle rhee met for more than an hour. rhee, as you might remember, was a supporter of mayor fenty during the election and jennifer davis has more on this. >> reporter: the big question everyone's been asking is will michelle rhee stay honest when vincent gray is rung the city. the two sat down and the only news is no news to report.
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michelle rhee was quiet as she walked into the meeting at high noon with the d.c. council chair have an sent gray and as the two scared -- squared off, they decided not to talk about it. after the meeting, a serious looking rhee looked on and let gray do all the talking. >> the chance that finished was a productive meeting and what we agree upon, we want the best for our kids in the district of columbia. >> reporter: gray said that this is not a decision-making meeting but a philosophical discussion in general and said nothing was discussed about rhee's future with the school system. >> we'll have those conversations inar later discussion and we did not talk about chancellor rhee, we talked about the state of education in the city. >> reporter: despite repeated questions from reporters, rhee stayed mum inside and outside the wilson building. >> not making it and to come -- >> gray did say no personnel decisions will be made until after the general election. and parents we spoke with are
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divided over whether or not they want a quick answer about rhe, a future or if they want to give officials time to figure this out. >> i would like to know asap if she's going to remain with the school system or if she's going leave. i think it's important for people to move on and that which were can go on. >> i know the chancellor made statements during the campaign that might have made it seem like a foe gone conclusion she was not going to stick around. maybe they're finding a way to continue to work together, which i think is great. >> reporter: gray said he and chancellor rhee will continue to have the discussions and the next one will take place in a matter of weeks, laura? >> thank you. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a fire in a up to home that killed a young mother and two of her children. the 25-year-old was able to save her 3 other children from the blaze in lorton yesterday. she lowered them out of a second-story window to the uncle. one of the children show save side an 8-week-old baby girl.
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anderson went back for her two younger sons and never returned. she was killed ages 3 and 5. and request hours before her execution, theresa lewis met with her spiritual advisor, and family and lawyers today. virginia's governor and u.s. supreme court have refused to intervene in this case and this is not the woman we're talking about right now. lewis is being executed for the 2002 murder-for-hire killings of her husband and stepson. she will be the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. virginia governor indicated in richmond this afternoon that he wants to fast track big highway improvement projects in northern virginia. this after a four-month audit at the virginia department of transportation uncovered hundreds of millions in accounts that have not been spent and folk 5s jim henrehan
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has more. >> reporter: it's 136 pages long, done by an accounting firm. the governor wanted an outside firm to come in and look at v- dot. it's very partially critical of management and financial management, particularly, of v- dot and one example, every big state agency carries over money to the next year, especially when you are doing construction projects. 2002-2004. v-dot generally carried over 3.5% of the money to the next year so there is startup money. by 2010, fiscal 2010, v-dot was carrying over 32% of its allocated mean and mcdonough and his administration think that is very bad practices because v-dot is responsible for the construction and maintenances of highways throughout the commonwealth of virginia and both the highways and secondary roads. it's been $3.3 billion a year and mcdonalds wednesday the newly identified money, he wants it fast tracked and
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spent and. s northern virginia projects at the top of the list. >> i want to get the hotlines built as soon as possible. we're trying to do everything we can to resolve the lawsuit and to get that done. makes no sense they have hot lanes from tyson's to the mixing bowl to run into another traffic jam. you have to get them built from the 14th street bridge to occoquan and south. that is a top priority and getting interchanges done along interstate 66 and that is absolutely critical. >> reporter: one of the ways the mcdonald administration wants to fast track the expenditure is to cut the reserve fund to about a 60-day supply. well, the democratic delegate vivian watts, the former transportation of secretary, she told the reporters in a press conference call that the gas tax revenues in virginia have gone down four years in a
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row and that is a good chunk of v-dot's money and she said to reporters if you limit it to a 60-day reserve fund, virginia could run into the same kind of financial problems that california is now in and push back from democrats in the state legislature. the democrats narrowly control the senate here. laura? >> and they're in dire straight straits in california. thank you, john henrehan. still ahead on fox 5 news at five, republicans unveil their pledge to america. how the gop plans to regain -- the bill for congress if they win. and protecting student athletes, the doctors on the hill today warning congress of the risk of concussion. are you paying too much for your power? you might be if you haven't shopped around. coming up on fox 5, we'll show you how to do it. another hot one out there today. first day of fall. didn't feel like it at all. are we going to have fall weather coming this weekend? a first look at the forecast is
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coming up. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 continues.  n
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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>> house republicans visited loudoun county this morning to unveil a sequel to their previous contract with america. this time, though, it's called a pledge to america. the gop is hoping it will give them momentum head into this mid-terms. tom fitzgerald reports that some critics say this document is long on ideas and comes up short on details. >> reporter: with the drop of the louden county lumber warehouse, republicans got the -- the building of the new agenda. >> republicans stand ready to get it done. >> reporter: republican leader john boehner and house gop members unveiled their pledge to america. a message they say will take to voters in november. >> washington has gotten in the way. >> the only thing the stimulus has stimulated is the national debt. >> reporter: the pledge spelled out 33 ideas, including repeeling the healthcare reform laws, raising federal -- and
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preventing federal funding for abortion, stopping guantanamo detainees from being brought into the u.s. and requiring all on capitol hill to explain their constitutionality. >> we're serious about implementing our pledge. >> reporter: unlike the 1994 contract with america, which was actual legislation, this pledge has no specific bill than its 45 pages contain 10 title sheets, 15 pages of pictures. the timing of the release of the pledge is no accident. the mid-term elections six weeks away, the gop is hoping that this will give the candidates something to run. republican congressman represents the district and said the pledge is a good start. >> you have to be very, very detailed and we have a lot of good ideas. >> reporter: most democratic challenger said that republicans could have put this plan into place when they were in power. >> could have done all of this stuff. >> and they did none of it. we have seen this movie before. >> reporter: with 40 days left to campaign, the republican leader seems to already be looking to take on a new title,
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speaker of the house. >> if the american people stand here, it's -- congress will do what you demand. >> reporter: in louden county, tom fit gerald, fox 5 news. a big mess this morning in northwest where six-inch water main broke. the problem shut down t street between 13th and 14th while crews work to fix everything and you can see the water running down the side of the road. the homes lost water service for awhile as the crews were working there. >> and good and bad news if you're in the market to sell your house. existing home sales were up more than 7% in august. the bad news, it was the second worst month for sales in more than 10 years. to put that into perspective, sales were 20% higher this time last year. the worst month was this last july, proving a fallout is hammering estate market. cutting your power bill could be as easy as making a phone call. since deregulation, customers in maryland and d.c. can shop around for their power provider
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and many have been hesitant to do that. melanie alnwick is here to show us how to compare and save money. >> reporter: there are 9 companies you can buy residential power from, three in the district and you will have to have a little bit of homework to figure out the best deal. in the end, you could cut as much as 20% off of your power bill. if you live in maryland or d.c., sooner or later, you will get one of these and that is an offer to switch your power provider. >> there is nothing to be uncomfortable about. >> reporter: russell lacey is the president of electric advisers, a licensed energy broker. his company helps businesses and home owners lower their electric bills. >> in some cases, we're able to drop business electricity costs by 20%. >> reporter: power some comes from many sources, wind, coal and nuclear and power plants generate and transmit it. that makes up the generation
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and transmission charges on your bill. add those two together and start comparing rates. >> it's my belief anyone not with a third-party provider is throwing away mean. >> reporter: take pepco. the standard rate is 10.4 cents per kilowatt hour starting october 1st, and if you choose a different supplier, your rate could be a few cents lower and when you are using thousands of kilowatt hours, it does add up. >> and 1.4 times 1200, that is $1,700 for the month. >> reporter: pepco will give you a list in maryland and the district. >> reporter: at some level, it's simple math. who has the lowest cost per kilowatt hour. >> reporter: and the tazed rate include generation and transmission? is it fixed or variable? what are the terms of the contract and penalties for cancellation and your utility
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company will service your lines and bill you and you'll get their charges for distribution and taxes. >> the only thing that will change is lowering your cost of the kilowatt hours and electricity. >> reporter: the power to deal is in your hands. you also want to know if your contract will renew automatically. we didn't mention you haveva viewers. electricity is not yet deregulated in the commonwealth. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. i don't want to turn on my ac yet. >> oh, no. >> after today, you probably need to. >> i turned it on yesterday and feels hot out there but not as humid as yesterday. >> exactly and that has been a bit of a saving grace for us with the heat. the temperatures were not as warm and into the 90s for most locations and again, one more day of this real heat and we'll cool off in time for the
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weekend and that is good. the shower thunderstorm and we watching this to the west and northwest of the city and in bring william county there, another storm stronger about five minutes ago and this is weakening as it pulls through centreville. burke and northern sections of that neighborhood there. we'll get a little bit of rain. not much and this continues to move along 66 and up towards the beltway. perhaps vienna and in dale and into the city and if this holds together. everything is moving to the east. a slight risk of a couple of pop ups and no more than that. in terms of clouds, we're very, very clear around here with the exception of the clouds and the showers and thunderstorms. it's 7:00, and spotty thunderstorm or -- thunderstorm
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or shower. mostly fair by 9, 10:00 and temperatures into the 70s. onday of real, real hot stuff and we cool off into the weekend and question, will the weekend stay drier or will there be more showers. >> thank you very much, gary. and we haven't heard much from gilbert a reinas lately. where the -- yet commissioner of the nba is urging him to be tight-lipped about his gun conviction. what a pastor is saying about claims he seduced young men in exchange for sex. 
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>> the commissioner of the nba has told gilbert arenas to keep quiet about his conviction. he wants him to move on from the 50-day suspension arenas earned when he brought guns into the wizards locker room. the owner agrees that the team should move forward. arenas spent a month in a halfway house.
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closing arguments in the death of a major league baseball pitcher in two -- and two of his friends. the l.a. angels rookie&nick adenhart and friends were t-boned by another car. the driver in the other car is charged with three counts of second-degree murder. hours before adenhart died, he scored six -- piped 6 rin rip -- innings. a pastor is admitting taking young men on trips and denies having sex with them. three young men who were numbers -- members of the church foiled lawsuits against the bishop. saying he seduced them for exchange for sex and other stuff. and. still ahead on fox five news at 5, protecting student athletes from head trauma. >> fighting concussions in student athletes, should it take an act of congress? what one local high schooler told lawmakers today. plus, parts of the new healthcare law taking effect
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today. we're breaking down the most significant changes for you and your family. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.  four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer
5:28 pm
funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> we're continuing to follow a developing story fire ripped through a community in monasses, burning down three homes. this is video we recorded earlier and we can tell you that fire crews are there on the scene and putting out hotspots. we have crews headed to the scene right now and we're going to bring you the latest on the news edge, fox 5 news edge at 6. and every year, tens of thousands of student athletes suffer from concussions that often are undiagnosed and go untreated. lawmakers on alcohol are tackling the problem. sherri ly is here with more
5:31 pm
details. >> reporter: right now, it's up to the state's individual school districts what to do about concussions and congress is congress is looking to set the standard in what is a dangerous and life-threatening problem. >> reporter: with every associate -- jolt, every blow is the risk of concussion and every concussion a student athlete gets is brain damage. >> -- >> definitely. >> reporter: this senior testified at a house hearing that side lined her and they mandating protections for student athletes. the team physician for the nfl's seattle seahawks said that younger athletes are more susceptible. >> there is no headband or
5:32 pm
mouth guard. >> reporter: the proposal requires any student suspected of sustaining a concussion be removed from a game. prevented from returning to play that day and not until evaluated and cleared by a doctor. it's being done in howard county where -- [ indiscernible ] >> they'll pay more attention to it and more kids will fall through the cracks like i almost did. >> reporter: owen thomas, a football player for the university of pennsylvania, never had a diagnosed concussion. but after his death, doctors discovered he had the beginnings of a chronic brain disease. >> reporter: this leaves these things -- as in the end, cost him his life and i don't thank -- he didn't. he had no idea. >> reporter: the doctors say concussions are not just a football problem and not just men. >> every year, there is someone who plays girl's soccer who has gotten a concussion. >> reporter: in fact, women suffer concussions at a higher rate allison suffered her concussion more than a month
5:33 pm
ago and still hasn't returned to playing. >> and i am surprised to see that. >> i have a son who played football. when you said that women suffer higher rates of concussion. >> the researchers are still new on this and haven't figured out why that is and there have been studies done. one doctor said when you look at college women who play soccer, they have a higher rate of concussions than the guys playing football. >> very surprising -- surprising. >> thank you. and a recall for parents. similac is recalling 5 million cans of infant formula the company said the products may contain small beetles or larvae that can cause stomach aches or digestion problems and this does not affect liquid formulas. only the powder. we have a link to find out if your formula, is effected. go to and look
5:34 pm
at the web links for the numbers on the can. a 2007 study linked avandia to an increased risk of heart attack; how far, glaxo smithkline said the drug is safe and federal regulators will restrict access to the drug. new patients will get a prescription for avandia if they can't control their diabetes with other medications. some provision of the health reform overhaul are taking effect today and harris faulker in takes a look at the new rules. >> reporter: we're years away from seeing the healthcare -- healthcare law take full e ticket -- effect. take for instance, there will be no more lifetime limits on medical costs. people suffering from chronic illnesses will benefit most because they can no longer be taxed out of their coverage; however, insurance providers can still put a cap on yearly expenses but only until 2014.
5:35 pm
insurers are banned from dropping your coverage because you get sick or have a pre- existing condition. the same goes for your kids. if they're under the age of 19 and have a pre-existing condition, they can not be denied coverage. one of the biggest changes that will have the most immediate impact involves young adults. under the new law, you can keep your child on your plan until he or she turns 26. as dr. mark seagal explains, that does not apply to anyone. >> if you have never been on your parent's policy as a child, you can't decide you will be on it. this is for couples with a children that got dropped off. >> and you will find copays are going away for preventive procedures like vaccines, colonoscopies and mammograms but physicians have concerns. >> will physicians continue to get the same amount for a colonoscopy if we get no
5:36 pm
if we don't preserve reimbursement and have a flock of more patients coming to get the procedure, there may not be an available for -- availability for it. >> reporter: these changes are in effect right now you might have to wait until your insurance planned year begins and for many people in is in january. harris faulker in, fox news. still ahead at 5, mothers against drunk driving, marking a milestone. their request for congress on their 30th anniversary. and which airline is the latest to offer in-flight wifi. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. .
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>> could we ever see the end of drunk driving? that is the goal of mothers against drunk driving. the goal is recognizing the 30th anniversary.
5:40 pm
madd wants congress to require convicted drunk drivers to use specialized ignition systems. essentially there they're breathalyzer tests. if the blood alcohol level is too high, the car won't start. one young victim spoke passionately about his support for that law. >> reporter: my ability to tie my shoes. my ability to button my own shirt, my ability to write, most importantly, my innocence stolen for years i would look in the mirror and be reminded that day when i would see missing teeth and scars. >> what an articulate young man. he wants congress to support other aspect drunk-driving vehicle technology that detects blood alcohol levels. flying jet blue will eventually mean service. it has to be tested and certified first by the federal aviation administration before
5:41 pm
the airline go can roll it out and jet blue has tv and not wi- fi yet. today is the first day of fall and doesn't feel like it out there. gary is back to tell us when cooler weather will come our way. and tonight, shining the spotlight on the local man who helped make the first lady and oprah look flawless. and cleavage controversy. why sesame street is giving this popular singer the boot. we'll be right back. a
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. name some[ bell dings ]ful. microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announcer ] now there's red baron pizza by the slice.
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unbelievably good pizza from the microwave. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. >> his work graced the covers of countless magazines on the faces of the most famous celebs in the world. his artistry helped him land the ultimate job working with first lady obama. -- michelle obama. gary rutledge has the fox 5
5:45 pm
factor. >> i was taking voice lessons and i wanted to be a singer. >> reporter: he went to cool tonal learn opera, dabbled in fashion photography, learned to play the trumpet and piano. he was full of big dreams. >> growing up -- >> ever day, take my father to work and now, we just pass by to work in there and to -- [ indiscernible ] this is a dream. >> reporter: dearec got his start at what he calls as a singing makeup artist. >> i would sing at weddings to make up for weddings. >> then he landed a makeup job. >> it was the first celebrity i did. >> reporter: and from there, word of his artistry started to spread. >> i was known for being the artist who can beat face. >> beat face? >> someone looked good, they will say you look fierce, beat and i was known for being the
5:46 pm
face beater of b.e.t. >> reporter: countless celebrities, album covers and video shoots and years later, he was recommended to the first lady. >> was scared, you know, because you're working with the most powerful person and in the world. it made nervous, you know, and because she's got a wonderful and warm spirit, she pulled me in and treated me like her brother. >> reporter: derek has done the first lady's makeup for everything from state dinners to halloween at the white house and he remembers the lecture he got from his mom after telling her he was going to be working for the first lady. >> and make sure you do the right thing and say the right thing. make sure you dress right. -- yes, mom, i'm going to ware a suit. >> reporter: derek recently started working with another familiar face, the first lady of daytime talk.
5:47 pm
his artistry grazed the covers of the last few o magazines. >> and that will make rules for you. >> reporter: he's teaching them to you to beat faith and is helping everyday women learn how to make magic on their own faces. >> my inspiration comes from helping others. helping others and seeing that -- getting the gratification that everyone else is happy, happy to see -- and after the reveal. >> i was happy after my reveal and he's developing his own line of makeup called ew, but with the letter u. his top- three beauty tips for women, drink lots of water, find a foundation that matches your skin perfectly and top it with a great matching powder. >> i noticed he didn't call me into the makeup room when he was here. >> he didn't have time to do your makeup, too, that day. he's busy, doing a lot of celebrities and travelled the
5:48 pm
world and has been honored to work with michelle obama and oprah. >> good for him. can you help -- anyway? >> and hooked do some work for you, gary. [ laughter ] >> and i am sure we could see a lot and there is no doubt. >> i'm teasing you. >> i'm not. >> and not bad. we can't complain. >> i know we'll turn the corner eventually. >> yeah. >> and staying in the fall-like weather. >> uh-huh. >> because it said it's fall, doesn't mean that and we'll have record-breaking temperatures and not a good die day to have a broken air conditioner in your car and with temperatures in the 90s. a couple of showers. just a couple and stronger activity earlier. these have been weakening and you can see a bit, a light rain shower from southwest of town to franconia and the spot there
5:49 pm
inside the beltway in mcclain is come back out along 66 and there is a slight chance, a very slight chance that one or two showers or thunderstorms possibly could pop up this evening and there is your forecast. we have that in the forecast. one or two thunderstorms here and there and temperatures this evening, 85 degrees or so at 7:00 and still with the shower. possibly the thunderstorm in and very few and far between. mostly fair, 9 and 11. winds around 5 to 10 miles an hour and a little bit breezy and tomorrow afternoon, breezy conditions. 90 in up to, warmer and up to 92 or so. fredericksburg, 96; culpeper, 95. you'll be back up there tomorrow and if not warmer and you could have a bit of a heat index that might approach, believe it or not, inwho00
5:50 pm
degrees. quantico, 80 is the and on the eastern shore, the temperatures in the lower 80s and let me show you something, though. to the north of us and new york city, 74 degrees. and there is a frontal system to the north of us and that won't bring us relief tomorrow but we will zoo into the weekend and there is that front to the north of us. you jump over the front and from the 80s into 70s with the heat here and clear here, a couple of thunderstorms and mostly clear to the mississippi and hot and dry, coming up around the rim of high pressure and breaking down tomorrow and into saturday and that is going to open the door into the weekend and just so you know,
5:51 pm
we have basically turned the forecast into a dry weekend here and we don't have to worry about this moving in here and one more day the heat is sticking around for us and we'll begin to cool things off and just a bit for us. we're going to continue to watch that and see what happens into there and let me adjust this. let's see. sometimes it doesn't want to cooperate. all right. well, this seems to be stuck. so, i will tell what you is going to happen. hot tomorrow and this frontal system will come on through. the question s will the front hang up on saturday and if it does, make a show -- maybe a shower. both days, side and sunday and temperatures are -- saturday and sunday and temperatures are cooler into saturday, 85
5:52 pm
degrees or so and into sunday, the temperature will be around 76 or so. 74 tomorrow and lots of sunshine is to start. there we go, 89 at noon. 5:00, 93 and that is going to be another hot one tomorrow. tomorrow's high in d.c. is 92 degrees and quiet is, can we get the five-day to come up? >> from we go. >> and that is like today. >> okay. >> and going to feel like upper 90s around here. >> okay. >> and to fredericksburg, close to 100 degrees. >> wow. >> and cooling off for the weekend. keeping the weekend dry. i hope that holds. >> thank you, gary. and talk of the town on tmz tonight. an extortion investigation could have a big impact on the mel gibson case and tmz producer dax holt has more from l.a. what are the implications in this case?
5:53 pm
>> this is the thing. the extortion plot and domestic violence case. if the d.a. files the paperwork on the extortion plot, basically oxsana is going to please the 5th, doesn't want to talk about it or incriminate herself and when they have her testify against mel gibson in the domestic violence case, she's not going to be able to talk and that is going to make it hard for them to prosecute mel gibson. he might be off the hook. >> is that the thought, he'll be off the hook? are people banking on that? >> we'll have to see. the fact that she can't talk about him, she's not going to be able to say this is what happened. it's going to be incriminating herself and how do you prosecute yourself? we hear the tv show glee is on track to having more hits. what do you think about that? >> this is ridiculous. we got mark out last night and
5:54 pm
did you realize that glee has almost as many top 100-hits as the beatles. >> really? and they chart them for a week or so. next will be elvis and the thing we're talking about on the show today is i think most of the kids that watch the show don't realize they remakes of other songs out there. >> they catchy tunes. thank you very much, dax, we'll see you here at 6:30 on tmz for tv. and you won't see katie perry singing with elmo on sesame street any time soon. this is probably the only place you will see this and after complaints about her outfit being too revealing. the clip made it to youtube and when people started complaining
5:55 pm
and she enjoyed her time with sesame street and elmo and said it was one of the most incredible experiences she had. >> and she won't have it again, apparently. and go go to brian bolter for a look at thage in 6. and hundreds of millions in unused transportation money has been uncovered in virginia. coming up on the news edge, find out where that meany was found and how it could help improve your commute. and staying on top of the break. three homes have been destroyed by fire. we'll have a live update from the scene. coming up.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> before we get to the news edge at 6, we want to tell but blockbuster filing chapter 11 bankruptcy today as expected in
5:59 pm
a move to stay afloat. bondholders will exchange a billion in debt equity under the reorganization plan. the company was once a giant in video rental. but mail-order dvd companies like netflix dock a huge chunk of the market and -- they will remain open. thanks for joining us at 5. >> and now, we want to get to the news edge at 6. right off of the top, breaking news in monasses, virginia. it's happening on hillet loop and a total of three houses are destroyed and four others have moderate damage and jumping from one to another

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